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Gergely Szabo
CS:GO Trader - Developer
Entrepreneur - Husband - Lifelong Learner

Gergely Szabo, July of 2017
Weißsee, High Tauern, Austria


Hi there! My name is Gergely Szabo also known as "GeRy" by many. I am a professional CS:GO trader.

I am the owner and lead developer of the CSGO Trader browser extension . I also used to make YouTube videos about CS:GO trading.

This website was created because of my fascination with technology and so you can find out more about me in an interactive way. All the photos are shot by either me, my family or friends, enjoy!

Social Media

Media Consumption

Movies - IMDb

Being a huge fan and consumer of film I opened up my IMDb profile , where you can check out what I watch, want to watch and all kinds of detailed statistics about my viewing and rating habits. I could write an essay on my methodology of rating movies, but my most basic rule is if I think a movie was "worth watching" I give it a rating of 6 or higher, below that are "time wasters".

Videos - YouTube

YouTube videos are the part of my everyday life. At the time of writing I am subscribed to 70 channels. The topics of these channels varies from workout to rocket science with, music, comedy, science and tech in between. Some of my favourites are FitnessFAQs , SmarterEveryDay and Jonna Jinton .

I used to make my own videos and do live streams as well, they are about CS:GO trading. I don't make videos anymore but they are still available so take a look if you are interested.

Music - Apple Music

My music listening habits justify a monthly fee for a subscription service, I consider it one of the best values all around. I listen to lots of film scores, rock, pop, classical, 80s retro, some electric. I have been using Google Play Music since 2013, used Spotify for a while and now Apple Music. You can see what I listen to on my Apple Music profile. You should also be able to follow me.

Books - goodreads

I don't listen to nearly as many audiobooks as I used to, but I catalog every book I read (khm.. listen to) in my Goodreads library . Favourite topics include history, biography, business, finance, technology, science, politics and philosophy. So mostly everything non-fiction. I can wholeheartedly recommend goodreads, it is an awesome way to manage your readings, explore new authors or stay motivated with a reading challenge !

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