BloomFoods review

My review of the Bloom Complete Food plant based liquid meal.

Posted by Gergely Szabo on November 15, 2017


I have written this review mostly because of my frustration that I couldn’t find anything anywhere about this company and their product. I will try to write mostly about details that are not available on their website, so if you are wondering about nutritional facts you should look for them on their site first. This post is addressed mostly to people who have already tried some kind of meal replacement shake. If you don’t know what they are you should head back and read my recent blog post about the topic: Leaving “Food” Behind.

After the completion of my experiment I continued my search for the perfect shake for me. So as I imagine many others in my place do I used BlendRunner, a meal replacement comparison site. Skipping through the all too familiar brands of JimmyJoy, Nano and others I have found Bloom. Their website looked alright, not as information rich as others but functional enough.

Ordering hiccups

I have placed my order of 1 bag - 14 meals sample pack in the Hazelnut Chocolate taste at the beginning of November. With €9.50 for shipping it totalled at €39.50. The wait for the delivery has started. They sent out two newsletters in the next couple of days, but there was no sign of my order progressing. No indication of it being prepared or shipped, no email, nothing. I have set a deadline of 7 days for myself and decided to inquire about my package if there was still nothing.

It did not come to that because on the morning of day 6 I received an email from the delivery company. It came down to luck that I accidentally caught the deliveryman. He was already leaving and I had to call him back from the piece of paper he left his number on. The usual before-delivery call was missing so I asked if he had my number from the order. He said no, there wasn’t any number passed on to him.

Not good so far, huhh? No information about the status of my order, neither in email nor on their site. Also failed to give the delivery company my phone number where they could reach me. And €9.50 for shipping?

Bloomfoods bag, shaker, scoop and paperwork All the content of the box: Bloomfoods bag, shaker, scoop and paperwork

The brand

If you are familiar with Huel you might also have noticed how eerily similar the brands look on the picture. They are very similar. I would go as far as calling Bloom the “cheap” version of Huel. Cheap not in the sense of inexpensive (because it’s not at all inexpensive), but in a sense that the brand looks cheap.

Bloomfoods vs. Huel

The small details are just not there, the easy solutions are way too obvious and low quality. I am not sure if these are the results of cost savings or inexperience, but most likely both. I would bring up three examples of this. The “documentation”, which is usually a nice brochure with high quality paper and colored pictures is just a plain one page printout here. The bag is not branded. It’s just a plain white bag with a sticker on it. No branding on the shaker either, it’s a good shaker and the exact same one that Huel uses, just without the branding.


Vanila is the standard for most meal replacement shakes and it’s the same for Bloom. But when I noticed that Hazelnut Chocolate was an option then it’s fate was sealed. Only thing I can really compare this with is Queal’s Hazelnut Happiness. It is actually my favorite taste of any of the shakes I have tried so far, so it will have tough competition.

When I first opened the bag and had a sniff I was excited! It smelled great and felt very similar to Queal’s. I mixed it with water and tasted it. It tastes more watery than other shakes and maybe a bit artificial, but all in all it’s not bad.

Mixing and texture

After giving it the usual treatment, 10 seconds of firm shaking the texture becomes nice and even. From the outside it looks nice and smooth, drinking it is not a bad experience either. The part that gets through the grid of the shaker and into your mouth is perfectly fine and drinkable. However, when you thought you are finished comes the surprise. Opening up the emptied bottle reveals unmixed powder sludge that is left over every time. The amount of it differs, but there is always some. It’s not that big of an issue, because what you drink is smooth enough and cleaning the bottle is easier than with most other shakes. Sill, it’s kind of a waste and is disappointing.


It always filled me up pretty well and experienced no bowel problems during my use. The taste and texture are both alright, the mixing is pretty awful. I calculated the monthly price to be around €170, which puts it on the cheaper side of the spectrum. For a bit more you can enjoy Queal or Nano, both are good options. However you can get Jimmyjoy or Myprotein’s Whole Fuel for a significantly lower price. Personally I find it okay, but in this price range the competition beats them for now.

Oat porridge made with Bloom Oat porridge made with a scoop of Bloom.